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Tibble Fork, UT

Adventure Boarding & VIP Weeks

At Ruff Life Resort, we`re focused on forming a relationship built on trust and companionship with our clients and their dogs. We seek to provide a home away from home for your pet and to put their care and comfort first. This allows us to keep your pup`s stay as stress-free as possible while providing training reinforcement and allowing us to introduce new skills and environments as needed!

The Ruff Life Resort in Maine is a luxury adventure boarding service that is unmatched to the industry standard.

Adventure Boarding

Bark Around Boston, LLC`s unique boarding experience is centered around our sister company, Ruff Life Resort, and provides experiences which cater to all of your dog`s needs instead of just the basics. The pups in our care have access to daily hikes, treadmills, scent/seeking games, free running in a fully enclosed yard, and much more to ensure that they stay happy, healthy, and entertained!


We also welcome dogs that may be struggling with or undergoing training for anxiety or reactivity. We are not a board and train facility, but a supportive care environment designed to reinforce positive training and good behaviors. Proof of up-to-date vaccinations and flea/tick repellant are required for all boarding dogs.

In addition to our Adventure Boarding, we also offer VIP (Very Important Pooch) Vacation getaways as well as Extended Adventure Vacations that take your pup to exciting new places!

How It Works

Boarding is provided by Danielle, the owner of Bark Around Boston, LLC and Ruff Life Resort and her team! The team provides boarding services at the Ruff Life Resort facility in Lisbon, ME and Danielle offers Very Important Pooch getaways as well as Extended Adventure Boarding!


This schedule is subject to change based on holidays and client needs, and all information on the current boarding agenda is available to pet parents in advance.


You`re welcome to pick-up and drop-off your pup at the Barking Lot in Somerville at no extra cost, or arrange to have your pup transported directly to or from your home. Any pick-ups or drop-offs that take place outside of Charlestown or Somerville will be charged an additional $15 service fee each way.

Boarding Rates

Adventure Boarding:
$80 per calendar day. (Example: Boarding Friday-Sunday = $240)

Boarding rates are inclusive of all services including: Meal distribution, medication dispensing, relaxation games, daily offsite exercise and engagement, etc.

Your pup`s regular food must be provided at time of pick-up, we welcome dogs on a raw diet.

Pups are welcome to join our programs once they`ve received a full series of vaccines including Rabies, DHPP, and Kennel Cough.

Service Areas

We proudly serve all of Eastern Massachusets, Southern New Hampshire, and Maine.

Very Important Pooch Getaway

10/days and 9/nights of uninterrupted FUN at the Ruff Life Resort during peak travel times.

VIP Pricing

NEW Clients starting at $725 for the first dog

Each additional dog is $380




APRIL 12th-
APRIL 21st


JUNE 28th-
JULY 7th






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